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I am Kenton Wyatt . I was born in a small but vibrant settlement call Bartica ( Amerindian Word meaning Red Earth.) My percussive inspiration first came from my "Pork Knocker" grandfather  ( local expression for diamond and gold seekers) Papa J T who regularly entertained me when I was little by tapping rhythms on my mother's dinning table much to her disgust. That did not stop "ole Papa JT'. When he felt I had enough of that, he would tell me old stories many of which he claimed were true. I remember vividly the story about how he lost his one eye, in an electric storm which he said picked him up and flung him thirty feet across the gold field. I remember him demonstrating it using his walking stick.

My interest in Drama on the other hand, came from my mother who as a young woman would take me along with her to the community drama sessions. There is where I found out for the first time that some women wore wigs. During one of the rehearsals one of the elderly women lost her wig in a scramble which initiated halls of laughter followed by embarrassment on the part of Mrs. Grovener.

My General interest in art and music came from my environment and was nurtured by my parents and siblings especially my Sister Nelta  who would often adorn the walls of our humble home with my art work. I however attribute much of my early musical  development to my involvement with the Boys Brigade led by former Mayors of Georgetown, Allan Robroy White and Ranwel Jordon.

Growing up for me was all about the arts. The first real job I got as a teenager was at the Department of Culture in May of 1975 then the department was called Guyana History and Arts Council and came under the Ministry of Information. I was a Programme Assistant attached to the National School of Dance under the Directorship of Madam Lavina Williams. At that time I was teamed up with Akoya Odinga Rudder as a second drummer, accompanying dance classes at the school.

To be continued.


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